Question of the day: Why Whitney? –

The folks at Bell sent me a letter the other day. Inside was a sales pitch which began with the words, “Enjoy many of the channels you really want, with HD channels always included.”
It may have been a fine deal but I read no further having been scared off by the photo at the top of the letter: a still from the horrible NBC/CTV sitcom Whitney.
What the? Who the? Whitney is audience repellent. CTV moves it to a new night or bounces it over to CTV Two every other week. When it was following Big Bang, it drove away two million CTV viewers every Thursday night.
The thought that if I switched over to Bell I might have to watch Whitney sent a chill up my spine. I don’t want to watch it in any definition, for free, PVR it or see it on stationary–and especially not bundled with the Internet for $68.34/month (for six months, reads the fine print). Who thought this was a way to lure customers?

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