I’m not sure every word is true in Shaun Majumder, Every Word is Absolutely True, but it sure feels that way. The 90-minute documentary premieres tonight at 7:30 p.m. on HBO Canada. 
The special is surprisingly moving, especially if you stick with it until the end. Majumder, 40, has always been a likable dude, very personable on the phone or in person. He’s had this remarkable career, especially when you grasp the extend of his humble beginnings. While he’s lived in Los Angeles for years, he is constantly flying between Toronto, L.A.and Halifax. He holds his hometown of Burlington, Nfld., with great affection and is developing a seaside property there he hopes one day will become a tourist destination. He was on his way there last week–a seven hour drive from St. John’s–when I caught up with him on the phone for a feature for The Canadian Press. You can read that story here.
His “Majumder Mansion” will eventually be a travel lodge surrounded by an eco-garden. That development is being spun off into a 12-part series on the W Network, to premiere next January.
Majumder doesn’t miss too many occasions to record his life as the documentary will reveal. Besides his day job on 22 Minutes–where he’ll return next fall as that show begins its 20th season–he can also currently be seen playing a weasel-y lawyer in Global/NBC’s The Firm. As well as all those Just For Laughs reruns, he also pops up as a guest star on Less Than Kind and Republic of Doyle
Every Word is Absolutely True follows him on a coast-to-coast stand up tour. There are plenty of snippets of his stage act, but the real reason to watch tonight is to see the parts in between. It’s a nice glimpse of a busy guy finding himself on the road.

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