Sandra Oh reads Grey‘s finale script, considers calling her agent

The Toronto Star asked me to recap Thursday night’s eighth season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. There was a plane crash, a death, a proposal, a firing and a lost shoe. This series really wants you back, but seriously? Thought I had tuned into a Lost/Walking Dead mashup. Read my recap here.
ABC has renewed Grey‘s along with spin-off Private Practice. I caught a minute of that series this week and thought it was some kind of joke parody about U.S. network television. On screen at the same time in the same scene were a bunch of actors who had all been recycled from recent shows. It really looked like if someone had rounded up as many of TV’s familiar faces and threw them all together in hopes of a hit. Besides star Kate Walsh, there was Benjamin Bratt, Brian Benben and Taye Diggs all sitting around an office yakking. Tim Daly was in jail in another scene, Amy Brennemen was spotted in a courtroom. Seriously,they’re all fine actors, but it  was kind of like watching the Yankees or some other club that could afford to round up a bunch of veteran free agents just to see if they could all still hit.
I’ve often thought some network should launch a show called Showkillers. You could cast Ted McGinley, Jason Gedrick, Paula Marshall, Tyler Labine, Eric Balfour and Amanda Peet. They go around derailing hit TV shows. It would be the best press tour panel ever.

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  1. That was a nice tongue-and-cheek humor post. I have seen “The Practice” too, and thought it was too “talkey” but then again, what is any job when people aren’t actually working? I found it difficult to eat my breakfast while watching blood squirting out of multiple people. I did find it convenient that I can watch commercial free in the morning and still watch one of my favorite shows. I started watching my shows before I go to work because I save about 20 minutes because I can watch commercial free with Auto Hop on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings.

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