Liz Meriwether: smart girl behind New Girl

Meriwether (right) with showrunners Jake Kasdan and Peter Chernin

New Girl started strong when it began last fall, with adorkable Zooey Deschanel becoming everybody’s instant crush. Ratings have sliped a bit in the States, but seem to be holding steady in Canada heading into tonight’s season finale (9/8c on Fox and City).
For me the reason to watch became Jess’ roommates, with Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield breaking out at Nick and Schmidt. Lamorne Morris as Winston is starting to grow on me, too.
Was interesting, then, to hear creator Liz Meriwether describe how she had originally pitched Fox on a comedy about a girl and her guy friends, about how, for her, talking to male friends unlocked many more life mysteries than she solved through girl talk. Meriwether described her guy pal advice as more like “tough love.”
I spoke with Meriwether, who looks more like my daughter Katie’s age (22) than 30, on a press tour visit to the set last January in Los Angeles. New Girl shoots right on the Fox lot. The Yale grad is part of the “Fempire” taking over TV today. Read more at this story I wrote last week for The Canadian  Press.

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