The ladies of Wisteria Lane play their last hand. ABC/Ron Tom

Desperate Housewives threw in the cards after eight frothy seasons with the ending Marc Cherry always had in mind. Viewers into prime time soaps will have to content with guilty pleasure Revenge next season, with CGB also canceled. (Although the grandaddy of them all, Dallas, is reincarnated next month on Bravo).
I hadn’t watched Housewives in quite a while but it was easy to pick right up last night even if you had only ever seen the original pilot. To its credit, the series had a lot more comedy moments than I can remember ever happening on the series that was the blueprint for this drama, Knots Landing. Eva Longoria, in particular, should segue straight to a sitcom.
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UPDATE: Preliminary overnight ratings data shows that the Desperate Housewives finale won the night with 11.10 million ABC viewers, beating the lowest-rated-ever Survivor finale on CBS (10.22 million).

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