Hugh Laurie was always gentle with critics

Even though I think it’s time, I’m going to miss House. The finale airs Monday at 9 p.m. on Fox and Global.
The eight year old medical drama will be fondly remembered for the tremendous performance of Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House M.D., a guy who didn’t care about anything but the answer. Laurie was so good at playing a cranky A-hole he was intimidating to approach at press tour parties, but once you did you were rewarded with thoughtful answers and playful, almost shy humour.
Fox often hosts a summer press tour party at the Santa Monica pier, and I remember early on in the House run, first or second year, standing with Laurie in a corner tucked near the fence that separated the Fox talent and guests from the great unwashed mingling on the other half of the pier. Some British tourists spotted Laurie and pleaded with him to come over to the fence, which he was happy to do. To them he was a favourite son, one half of Jeeves & Wooster, the guy from Black Adder or just a pretty darn good rower at Cambridge. They were proud of the guy and cheering him on in America.
I remember Laurie being actor-nervous–perhaps superstitious–about the early positive reviews of House, how he was convinced it would never last six weeks let alone 13. How he put off moving his family to America because he never though it would all last this long.
He wound up making a big boatload of money, and good for him.

Laurie’s ride, a 1966 Ford Galaxie 500

His last press tour appearance was to promote his music. Laurie is a jazz musician, adept at piano and guitar, and he sings with Tom Jones on his most recent CD. At the end of the session, which took place last summer, he scooted to the front doors of the Beverly Hilton Hotel where his fire engine red 1966 Galaxie 500 was waiting. He hopped into the classic convertible and spun off. Bloody cool.
Even though House aired on Fox it was produced by NBC/Universal. The folks there sent along the link below to Laurie, Omar Epps, Robert Sean Leonard and others attending the House wrap party, which was held a few weeks ago in Los Angeles. Watch Laurie struggle to find the exact right way to thank his loyal House viewers.

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