Late night joke of the week –

From Thursday’s Late Show with David Letterman:

Top Ten Other Superhero Revelations
10. In his promiscuous 20s, Aquaman contracted ‘Goldfish Ick’
9. Two things turn Bruce Banner into the Hulk: anger and humidity
8. Doctor Strange lives in White Plains
7. Mr. Fantastic spends none of his salary; lives entirely off personal appearance income
6. Superman’s two weaknesses: kryptonite and Haagen-Dazs
5. When Green Arrow gets Green Lantern’s mail, he just throws it out
4. Hellboy had to go to the prom with his Hellcousin
3. Ghost Rider once had license suspended; for six months was “Bus Rider”
2. The Flash struggles to slow things down in the bedroom
1. Spider-Man’s alter ego’s full name: Peter Jessica Parker


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