Bisson (left), Brioux (middle) and some guy with lines

Yes, the long wait is over. Tonight’s the night I make my big debut on Murdoch Mysteries.
It’s a buddy picture, really, me and Yannick Bisson, way up in  Dawson City in the Yukon, panning for blogger gold.
Bisson’s hardly in it, really. Sure, they give him lines, but any Canadian bank spokesman can do the old walk and talk. The real art is the pantomime played out with just a dusty old hat, baggy pants and yellow teeth–and that’s before I got into wardrobe.
You’ll see me exit a building, walk across the street, and light a pipe–De Niro and Streep always marvel at my range. Al De Niro and Marty Streep.
You’ll see all these things, especially if you have a really large flat screen, one with that telephoto effect, so you can zoom in on my nuanced performance.
It all happens tonight at 10 p.m. as Murdoch Mysteries returns for a fifth season on City-TV. If you miss it tonight, don’t worry–City will rebroadcast it again and again and again all summer. They like to do that with Murdoch Mysteries, sort of their tribute to the CRTC.

Critics Rob Salem (left), John Doyle (middle) and Bill Brioux
all agree: tonight’s Murdoch Mysteries is a classic

The story has something to do with Detective William Murdoch nursing a broken heart. Dr. Julia Ogden (Helene Joy) has married another man, so Murdoch leaves Toronto and tries to find himself in the Klondike gold rush town. He runs into Jack London (Aaron Ashmore), who points out the way. There’s another lady involved, ‘natch,  played by Jill Halfpenny.
Does Ashmore get billing? Sure he gets billing. How else to tell if it is him or his twin brother?
Let the Ashmore’s have all the billing. Miner No. 7 needs no billing. Miner No. 7 needs no new cast listing to clutter up his IMDb entry. Miner No. 7 needs a toothbrush. Let the PVR-ing begin, Canada!

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  1. Just think, you get to do it all over again when CBC repeats the episode in September. I looked in the credits for you. Two miners were listed but i guess being 7th you were too far down the guest starring list to get in.

    At least you didn’t have to compete in a costume contest or bid a few thousand dollars in hopes of winning an auction for a part in season 6.

    A fine performance it was.

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