Robot Chicken clucks past 100 episode mark –

 You know how you only ever see the robot chicken in the opening credits of Robot Chicken? That changes tonight with the 100th episode (10:30 p.m., Teletoon at Night).
The creepy cyborg chicken busts out of the coop tonight and goes all postal, slicing and dicing his way up a winding staircase in an animated homage to martial arts master Tony Jaa.
“We wanted to do something for the 100thepisode and we realized we hadn’t paid a lot of service to this mythology we created,” co-creator Seth Green told me on the phone last week. “Tom, one of our writers, pitched a Tony Jaa “The Protector” parody. It’s an amazing scene where they fight up a circular stairwell for 10 minutes of unbroken footage. It’s beautiful, we couldn’t even get close to it, but we wanted to pay homage.”
The episode also goofs on Yogi Bear and Boo-boo in a weird Power Ranger mash-up; see the clip above.
Green is working on the sixth season of Robot Chicken right now, as well as a half hour special goofing on super heroes from DC comics. As for any more Austin Powers movies with Mike Myers, “I’m sure I’ve heard exactly the same things you have, but nothing official. Mike, he is the type of guy who puts stuff out when he feels like he’s got it, he never rushes, which I really admire.”

Read more in the story I wrote about the 100th episode of Robot Chicken in Sunday’s Toronto Star.


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