To the great relief of everyone at CBC, hockey finally heated back up as the Los Angeles Kings were embraced as the Cinderella team of the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs. That chick behind the Devils’ bench with the big show of support probably didn’t hurt, either.
A good week also for several Canadian returnees, including Rookie Blue, The Listener, Murdoch Mysteries(on seven times on City) and the new Showcase breakout Continuum.
Here’s how all it all played out across Canada in prime time among adults 2+ the week of June 4 to 10 according to overnight estimates:
The Stanley Cup finals brought the fans back with each game building on the next in terms of audience numbers. Monday’s third game drew 2,155,000 on CBC.
Beating most everything on the broadcasters was the second episode of Hatfields & McCoys on History, where 925,000 tuned in at 8.
City made some summer noise with Howard Stern and America’s Got Talent (1,043,000). Hell’s Kitchen (467,000) and Shameless (143,000) followed.
CTV had reruns of Mike & Molly (813,000) and Two and a Half Men (720,000) then the summer premiere of Masterchef (967,000). A rerun of Castle drew 1,070,000 at 10.
Global opened with Psych (481,000) followed by reruns of House (542,000) and Hawaii FIVE-0 (800,000).
CTV Two had nothing. Big show on Discovery was Moonshiners(345,000).
Top Chef Canadasimmered to 266,000 on Food. WWE Raw bodyslammed 288,000 on Score. An NBC playoff game between Oklahomaand San Antonio drew 235,000 on TSN.

Her Royal Highness Betty Windsor and clan


If only the Queen could skate! CBC drew 1,652,000 with Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Concert, featuring former singer Paul McCartney. The carry over to The National was jolly good, with 1,352,000 catching the CBC newscast at 10. This must be the first time in years that a non election night edition of The National drew higher overnight numbers than both the CTV National News at 11 (1,082,000) and Global National News at 6:30 (876,000).
Global did well with reruns of NCIS (1,124,000) plus NCIS: Los Angeles (1,177,000). Canada Singsfollowed at 10 (514,000).
America’s Got Talent (1,105,000) continues to pull them in at City. Hell’s Kitchen fed 611,000.
CTV has new summer offerings with Masterchef at 8 (861,000) followed by the two hour premiere of Love in the Wild (782,000).
Criminal Minds(465,000) was the big draw on CTV Two.
The Blue Jays were on deck at Sportsnet, pulling 679,000 against the White Sox. In NBA playoff action, SpongeBob soaked up 350,000 on YTV. Boston/Miami dunked 311,000 on TSN. Pawn Stars fetched 244,000 and 278,000 on History. Deadliest Catch hooked 371,000 on Discovery. Pretty Little Liarsseduced 191,000 on MuchMusic.
Game Four of the Stanley Cup finales looked like it might be a sweep for the Kings. The possibility of hockey ending helped boost ratings to 3,014,000 CBC viewers. CBC brass hadn’t cheered this hard for the Devils since before the budget cuts.
CTV held its own opposite the NHL playoffs with So You Think You Can Dance waltzing off with 1,390,000. The Listenerkept its million-a-week streak alive at 10 with 1,018,000 viewers.
Global had an all new night: Dogs in the City opened with 687,000 followed by back-to-back episodes of The Glee Project (352,000 and 423,000).
City stuck with The Middle (293,000), Suburgatory (243,000), Modern Family (408,000) and Happy Endings (253,000). The fifth season premiere of Murdoch Mysteriesopened to 385,000 against the hockey game.
Criminal Minds did 577,000 on CTV Two, followed by CSI (532,000). Flashpointopened at 299,000.
The Jays batted 612,000 on Sportsnet. History scared 349,000 with Swamp People. SpongeBob did 320,000 on YTV. The Real Housewives of Vancouver drew 134,000 at 10 p.m. on Slice. TSN netted 256,000 for a NBA playoff game.
Missy Peregrym, Gregory Smith, Rookie Blue. Caitlin Cronenberg/ABC
No more The Big Bang Theoryso CTV opened with the horrible dating gamer Take Me Out (933,000) followed by the new shot-in-Toronto hospital drama Saving Hope (1,520,000). Hope’s launch was not a hopeful in the U.S. on NBC, where it drew 3.1 million in the overnights. The Mentalist did 1,073,000 on CTV at 10.
Global opened with a two hour episodes of the new talent series Duets (666,000) followed by the third season return of their shot-in-Toronto drama, Rookie Blue (1,341,000).  
City repeated Murdoch (232,000) then ran Person of Interest (562,000) followed by two sitcom repeats. The Choice was chosen by 295,000 over at CTV Two.
No hockey on CBC, just reruns of Romeos & Juliets (170,000 and Love Lies Bleeding 171,000).
The Jays and The White Sox batted a robust 735,000 on Sportsnet, with 491,000 of those in Ontario. NBA semi finalists Miami/Boston got up to 335,000 on TSN. House of Bryan was open to 269,000 and 345,000 on HGTV.
CTV went Whitney (450,000), Up All Night (236,000), CSI: New York(947,000) and Blue Bloods (1,133,000).
No hockey, so CBC reran Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town (243,000).
Global had The Exes (227,000), a comedy burn off (223,000), Bones (698,000) and specialty call up Lost Girl (199,000).
CTV Two went with Shark Tank (359,000). City reran Murdoch Mysteries again! (359,000).
Here are the preliminary Euro Cup soccer scores on TSN: Poland/Greece 354,000, Russia/Czech 434,000.
“Boobs Behind DeBoer” was trending during playoff coverage
Devils staved off elimination once again with 3,109,000 Stanley Cup hockey fans tuning on on CBC.
The Firm did 317,000 Saturday night at 10 on Global, with a SNL repeat pulling 402,000.
City aired THREE MORE Murdoch Mysteries episodes (237,000, 290,000 and 270,000 viewers).
The Blue Jays drew 493,000 on Sportsnet.
Germany/Portugal was the big Euro Cup preliminary draw on TSN, fetching 1,027,000 soccer nuts. Netherlands/Denmark did 529,000 on TSN2.  The Belmont Stakes galloped off with 290,000 on TSN, where Boston/Miami brought their NBA playoff tilt to 417,000.
Soccer kicked everything else Sunday with TSN scoring big with preliminary games between Spainand Italy(1,101,000) and Irelandand Croatia(799,000).
Otherwise the night was a quiet split. America’s Got Talent encored to 729,000 and 599,000 on City, where Secret Millionaire drew 405,000 and America’s Funniest Home Videos did 486,000.
The new shot-in-Vancouver sci-fi cop series Continuum continued to be a draw on Showcase, pulling 531,000 in its third week.
CTV repeated both The Listener (450,000 at 7) and Saving Hope (543,000 at 9).
Global stuck with cartoon comedies The Simpsons (553,000), Bob’s Burgers (445,000), Family Guy (563,000) and American Dad (416,000). Howie Do It at 7 did 358,000.
Jays batted 464,000 for another game against the Braves on Sportsnet.
No hockey, so CBC went Gunless. The Paul Gross film did 502,000.
Mythbustersexploded to 478,000 on Discovery.
Bravo saw 106,000 turn up for an hour and 15-minute episode of The Borgias.



  1. OMG, is Bell going to cancel The Borgias? 106K is a new low, and nearly 1/3 less than last week’s audience. Kinda looks like they might. It would really, REALLY screw with Showtime if they did but how can Bell justify the expense when they have such a tiny and diminishing domestic audience. In two seasons the show has shed about 80% of the viewers it had for the premiere. In most cases that spells “cancelled”. And yet Showtime ordered a third season over 2 months ago. Hhhmmmm… i haven’t heard boo from Bell about season 3.

    Nice to see The Firm is remaining consistent.

    Citytv really does love repeats of Murdoch Mysteries. Murdoch’s biggest mystery remains why Rogers never noticed people want to watch it and will gladly show their interest by watching any and all repeats that they schedule. 1.773 M viewers for the combined Murdoch eps last week. Nah, not popular at all.

  2. What was the “comedy burn off” on Global’s Friday schedule? Was it a Canadian or American burn off?

  3. Global’s comedy burn-offs Friday were two imports: The Exes (227,000) and the long cancelled How to be a Gentleman (223,000). Hopefully Dave Foley picked up another cheque.

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