Shatner is arrested for hamming up the season premiere of Rookie Blue

Yes, we took last week off. Yes, we’re late this week. What can I say. Summer intern wanted.

Canadian TV shows like Rookie Blue and The Listener are back and hockey is still being played—summer must be around the corner. New episodes of Murdoch Mysteries and the premiere of Saving Hope will be tallied next week.
Here’s how all it all played out across Canada in prime time among adults 2+ the week of May 28 to June 3 according to overnight estimates:
With broadcast nets in reruns, History snuck through with the surprise of the night: Hatfields & McCoys, which drew 1,110,000 overnight viewers. Pawn Stars scored 550,000 the same night.
CTV went with reruns of Big Bang (1,222,000), Whitney(762,000), Two and a Half Men (990,000) and Mike & Molly (829,000). Castleaired at 10 (1,009.000).
City got a first run boost from America’s Got Talent (1,091,000) followed by reruns of HIMYM (256,000), 2 Broke Girls (238,000) and Shameless (126,000).
Global slid U.S.cable pickup Psych in at 8 (390,000) followed by House and HawaiiFIVE-0 reruns (483,000, 732,000).
No hockey, so CBC ran a movie about the Queen (427,000). A Criminal Minds reruns was the high point on CTV Two (362,000).
Jays batted 699,000 vs. Baltimoreon Sportsnet. River Monsters ruled at Discovery (351,000). Top Chef Canadasimmered to 285,000 at Food.
Even in reruns, NCIS (1,288,000) and NCIS: Los Angeles (1,022,000) still draw on Global. Canada Sings at 10 entertained 424,000.
City enjoyed another live boost from America’s Got Talent (1,023,000) and did well with the hour-long Cougar Town finale (476,000).
No hockey, reruns of Mercer (352,000) on CBC; cancelled series The Debaters managed 155,000.
CTV opened with Hot in Cleveland(880,000) then Whitney (631,000) and The Wedding Planner (637,000).
Criminal Minds were again in play at CTV Two (323,000).
Jays soared to 728,000 on Sportsnet. Deadliest Catch landed 569,000 viewers on Discovery. Pawn Stars fetched 437,000 and 428,000 on History.
SYTYCD`s Murphy, Lythgoe and Deeley

Finally hockey on CBC. The Stanley Cup finals draws 2,129,000 Kings/Devils fans.

CTV scores with So You Think You Can Dance (1,289,000) and the third season premiere of The Listener(1,090,000), a series that performs where ever CTV puts it.
Global had Dogs in the City(663,000) followed by reruns of HawaiiFIVE-0 (465,000) and NCIS (595.000).
CTV Two made the most of Criminal Minds (621,000) and CSI (508,000).
City stuck with reruns of The Middle (227,000), Suburgatory(195,000), Modern Family (331,000) and Happy Endings (233,000).
The Jays and Orioles batted 609,000 on Sportsnet. History scared 444,000 with Swamp People. The Real Housewives of Vancouver attracted 142,000 at 10 p.m. on Slice. TSN netted 201,000 for a Boston/Miami NBA playoff game.
Global welcomed by Rookie Blue for a third season and 1,322,000 saluted. A two hour Duets (654,000) was the lead in.
CTV pulled 1,041,000 with a Transformers movie.
City was all over the map with reruns of 2 Broke Girls (262,000) and HIMYM (252,000) and back-to-back America’s Got Talent (539,000, 408,000).
No hockey no viewers on CBC. CTV Two did 501,000 with The Mentalist.
Undercover Boss drew 645,000 on CTV, followed by repeats of CSI: New York (1,062,000) and Blue Bloods (1,077,000).
A two hour Touch got to 482,000 on Global. Lost Girl was found by 243,000 at 10.
No hockey on CBC; 694,000 showed up for My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
Murdoch Mysteries repeated to 223,000 on City followed by Miss Congeniality (221,000).
CTV Two had a repeat of Shark Tank (301,000).
Jays/Red Sox batted 708.000 on Sportsnet.
The Stanley Cup final drew 2,569,000 on CBC. Boston/Toronto batted 533,000 on Sportsnet.
No hockey, but a repeat of Dragon’s Den drew 903,000 on CBC.
Global’s top draw was The Simpsons(715,000). Bob’s Burgers (389,000), Family Guy (560,000) followed.
CTV reran The Listener (472,000), Law & Order SVU (755,000) and Unforgettable (743,000).
Shot-in-Vancouver Continuum continued to be a big draw at Showcase, pulling 670,000 sci-fi fans in Week Two.
City scored with America’s Funniest Home Videos (617,000) and Secret Millionaire (501,000).
Jays and Red Sox batted 648,000 on Sportsnet in an afternoon game. Miami/Boston netted 321,000 in TSN NBA playoff action. Bravo saw 151,000 turn up for The Borgias


  1. Sorry, don’t expect much gold next week, Minor No. 7. The Kings – Devils series went panhandling for a sweep last night.
    Isn’t that just what the CBC gets critized for – premiering against the Juniors final Championship every January?

  2. You skipped The Firm again for 2 June. It is no longer aligning with the US broadcast – Global is 2 episodes ahead of NBC.

    I keep hoping The Borgias will do better on Bravo!.

    Do you have any way to find out how The Murdoch Mysteries movies did when they premiered on Bravo! about 8 years ago? Apparently they were among the most popular programmes on the channel back then. I am curious what popular then vs acceptable now looks like. The dates were 13 May and 12 September 2004 and 8 September 2005.

  3. He might have skipped it because The Firm’s ratings do not matter. It gets next to nothing and was cancelled after 2 or 3 episodes.

    Blue Jays continue to impress.

  4. Bill, you are right about 2 June. I was thinking of the week before. The discrepancies between the Global and NBC schedules got the better of me. 2 June was the day neither network had any episode on. How much an idiot do i look like 🙂

  5. You deserve a week off and hope you enjoyed it. Any numbers on the ratings (May 21-27) for games 4 to 6 of the Devils, Rangers series and the clincher (game 5) of the Kings, Coyotes series?

    What does it take to be a summer intern?

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