Paddling Bryan’s Wallwork and Adams. Not the singer

LAS VEGAS–Everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? It should be everything that happens before you get to Vegas should be thoroughly fact checked. Case in point: I blabbed about my trip to Vegas to CHML’s Scott Thompson and I got one big key fact wrong:
Bryan Adams the singer is not the Bryan Adams who is one of the two Paddling Bryans. Bryan Adams and Bryan Wallwork are two dudes from Quebec who return to Travel + Escape this fall with the second season of their outdoor adventure series. The boys are attempting to paddle their canoe down the Colorado river, eventually passing into Mexico. I caught up with them Wednesday on Lake Mead, the warm body of water created by the Hoover Dam. If they’re going to attempt to cross over Hoover Dam, well, all I can say is that will be one hell of a portage.
More about all that in the next post or two, but I got my facts wrong heading down here and told Scott that the other Bryan Adams was mixed up in this and probably paddling with his guitar. Scott will be laughing his ass off about this the next time I speak with him, but you can hear me get it wrong now. Listen in here.

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  1. Funny. Based on the publicity bumf, I made EXACTLY the same assumption. So, no foul. (Not really, anyway.)
    Also, it sounds like something the (musician) Bryan Adams would do in his off-time. Except that he’s touring right now, as I understand: He performed in Vancouver over the weekend.

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