This week on CHML, Scott Thompson wants to know all about dear, departed Dickie Dawson, who passed away Saturday at 79. I confess I used to race home from school in the ’70s just to see Dawson and his pals try to recover from their six martini lunches on Match Game. Always entertaining.

It’s not Don Draper

We also yak about the shocking suicide of one of the key characters last Sunday on Mad Men. Executive producer Matthew Weiner, who keeps a tight lid on all of his show’s secrets, managed to keep fans in the dark on this one, too. If you already know and want some insight into how this went down, follow this link.
Weiner would probably forgive me for calling him “Michael” on the radio, but never for blurting story lines.
I talk about heading to Downsview today for a Suits set visit. This is the law drama returning for a second season June 18 on Bravo. It shoots in the same converted munitions factory where the USA/Showcase drama Covert Affairs is lensed, so you can walk from Washington to Manhattan just by crossing a fairly wide hall.
Scott also mentions that yours truly will be among the background players on tonight’s season five premiere of Murdoch Mysteries (10 p.m. on City-TV). It all takes place way up in Dawson City, Yukon. Don’t blink or you’ll miss me. You can listen in here.

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