“Henderson has scored for Canada”

I’ve been up at the unplugged cottage, sanding and painting, so was not in front of my laptop Sept. 28 to do the 40th annual salute to St. Paul. A few catch up musings: Henderson’s goal was, without a doubt, the most electrifying thing I ever saw on TV. It is hard to put in… Read on

TONIGHT: Missing House? Try Holmes

Thursday marks the sixth season return of Canada’s most-watched TV series: The Big Bang Theory. The CBS/CTV comedy shows no sign of slowing down even after two full seasons of nightly syndication.There’s also two of the most promising new network dramas premiering tonight: Last Resort and Elementary (“New Holmes. New Watson. New York”), although I… Read on

Pammy the first “All Star” out on DWTS

If you’re into the new “All Star” season of Dancing with the Stars, I’m recapping every episode this season for The Star.com. Poor Pammy Anderson got booted off Tuesday night’s excruciatingly long and boring first results show. Anderson’s marriages didn’t seem to last as long as that two-hour episode, padded out with appearances by Justin… Read on

TONIGHT: NBC goes ape; Neighbors visit ABC

That’s me, right, with Crystal, the star of NBC’s new comedy Animal Practice. Pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve had the star of a network series sit on my head.Animal Practice is one of three new network comedies premiering Wednesday night, the other two being Guys With Kids and The Neighbors. Guys With Kids has… Read on

TONIGHT: Mindy one of three series premieres

The Mindy Project (above) is one of three new network shows airing tonight. The new and returning premieres are:8 p.m.   Dancing with the Stars Results Show  (ABC, CTVTWO) 8 p.m.  NCIS  (CBS, Global) 8:30 p.m.  Ben and Kate  (Fox, City)  NEW 9 p.m.  NCIS: Los Angeles  (CBS, Global) 9 p.m.  New Girl  (Fox, City) 9:30 p.m. The Mindy Project  (Fox, City)  NEW 10 p.m.… Read on

Kimmel loses award but wins as Emmy host

Josh Groban and the late Jimmy Kimmel. Todd Wawrychuk/ABC Nobody was paying me to watch The Emmy Awards last night, so I missed the cold opening and Kimmel’s monologue. I caught up Monday morning on YouTube, however. That was the best way to go, because YouTube, unlike CTV, had it with the sound on–a big… Read on

TONIGHT: Jimmy Kimmel live at the Emmys

The 64th Annual Emmy Awards air tonight beginning at 8/9c on ABC and CTV. Who will win? A bunch of shows and stars. The usual suspects, I’m thinkin’. More of a reason to watch is to see Jimmy Kimmel as host. Here’s hoping he lets it rip, that he takes the mickey out of this… Read on

Swag season hits & misses: The Fed-Ex Factor

Why the guy from UPS thinks I’m Rupert Murdoch The 2012-13 primetime network television season officially begins Monday, right after Sunday’s Emmy Awards.My UPS and FedEx delivery guys already know that. They’ve been bringing boxes, padded envelopes and other mailers to my door non-stop since the start of the month.This is the time of year… Read on