Humble, Not-so-Humble, and Fred

This time of year, I become radio-active. Beyond my usual weekly radio chats with Scott Thompson at CHML (and, occasionally, Mike Miller of Lima, Ohio’s WIMA), other hosts at other stations come calling for an expert take on the new TV season.
But John Doyle is usually too busy so I end up doing it.

A few days ago it was CBC Radio in Calgary and Edmonton. This morning I spoke with my old pal Gary Doyle at Kitchener’s 570 News. Gary knows television and is endlessly curious about his favourite shows, which tend to be over on the cable side. He’s often into a show like, for example, Episodes, before I get to it. Catch him now on the morning shift, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Then it was off to Humble & Fred’s secret Five Hour Energy Studio in darkest Etobicoke. The former CFNY dudes have been carving out a new niche on the Interwebby for a full year now and just came off an additional summer stint on Kingston radio. It’s always fun yakking with the duo who enjoy what they do and do it well. You can tell just by listening, and you can do that here.
Did my usual Wednesday at 12:35 live chat with Scott Thompson at Hamilton Talk Radio’s CHML. Scott is fast on the draw, likes to keep it moving and is always thinking two questions ahead.
Scott wanted to talk first about All in the Family and the anatomically-correct “Joey” doll we spoke about months ago. A listener send him pictures of the lil’ pecker as proof.
This leads to talk of a show NBC thinks has elements of All in the Family this fall–The New Normal. Ellen Barkin plays a bigoted Nana who is a cross between Archie Bunker and Sue Sylvester (the latter probably because this sitcom was developed by Glee boss Ryan Murphy).
Scott wonders if All in the Family would fly today. I say cable fare has taken that edge away from network TV.

Many more TV topics are covered, including my take on a quiet 9/11 anniversary. You can listen in here.
Friday morning at 7:45, I can be heard giving my Top 5 shows of the season to my old pals Erin Davis and Mike Cooper on Erin & Mike’s Morning Show on Toronto’s 98.1 CHFI.

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