This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson asks if I’m enjoying the fall TV season so far. To be honest, not so much. I can’t remember a fall season where I did not care if I never saw a second episode of any new network series.
We’ve already had the first casualty of the fall: Made in Jersey, which quietly tanked on Friday nights on CBS. Other shows are teetering, including Partners, Mob Doctor, Animal Practice and Guys With Kids.
Even the stuff given full season orders so far–The Mindy Project and Ben & Kate on Fox and NBC’s The New Normal, Matthew Perry’s Go On and Revolution–are hardly runaway hits and seem more like defensive moves.

Congrats if you had Jersey in the pool

Scott also brings up the latest ravings from Quebecor chief Pierre Karl Peladeau. My old Sun Media boss warns that the Canadian TV industry must make content that can sell beyond its borders or risk being swamped by foreign fare coming from powerful new Internet providers, including Google and YouTube. No merde, Sherlock!
Still, taken at face value, PKP is right–Canadian networks, especially English Canadian networks, have to get in the content game big time or risk become roadkill on the Internet superhighway. This Hollywood simulcast shell game is looking sillier every fall.
There’s also radio talk about ESPN’s 9:79* Ben Johnson documentary airing Thursday night on TSN and some talk of worthy new efforts Arrow and Nashville. You can listen in here.

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