This week’s podcast: more election blather

This week, of course, CHML’s Scott Thompson is all about Tuesday night’s U.S. election coverage. We both agree Diane Sawyer seemed to be feeling no pain on ABC’s anchor desk. Scott thinks the whole presidential race has devolved into one big reality show and he could be right. Donald Trump’s twitter-fit seemed like so much shilling for another round of The Apprentice. Some voters may have thought they were voting to keep Kirstie Alley on Dancing with the Stars.
There were already jokes last night on Twitter about Romney’s sons getting ready for their sure-to-be-offered TLC series. I’m thinking Breaking Mormon has already been registered as a title.

Scott suggests the coverage is a bit too 20th century and he may be right again. This could be the last time we see folks like Barbara Walters, George Wills, Bob Schieffer or Judy Woodruff on an election anchor desk. The new stars seem to be Megyn Kelly’s legs on Fox News and John King with his cool touch screens on CNN.
Scott asks many more election questions. You can listen in here.

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