What–no Dancing with the Stars tonight?
Apparently there is an election or something happening Tuesday night in America. Hopefully it has something to do with ending the hockey strike.
Both The Daily Show with Jon Stuart (with special guest Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Beast) and The Colbert Report will be carried live at 11 p.m. by the Comedy Network and repeated at midnight on CTV.
The full titles to both shows tonight tells all you need to know about America’s long national nightmare: Stewart’s is called, “Election Night 2012: This Ends Now,” and Colbert is going with, “Election 2012: A Nation Votes, Ohio Decides: The Re-presidenting of America: Who Will Replace Obama? ‘012!”
CBC’s 22 Minutes has “Americas Votes, Canada Watches” tonight at 8:30, with, as you can see above, Don Cherry (played by Mark Critch) ‘splainin’ why it all matters, okay?
The plan at Canada’s main networks is Screw the Election. CTV has a new episode of The Arrow at 8 p.m. Global is showing that patriotic flag waver Spider-Man 3. City is rerunning a bunch of imported comedies–and Murdoch Mysteries at 10!
CBC is carrying The Big Decision. Not that big decision, the one where Arlene Dickinson and Jim Treliving get more face time by offering money to business start ups. Maybe if Obama and Romney had just given the $2 billion they spent trying to get elected to small businesses in the States, people wouldn’t be so cranky down there.
On Cable, AMC is showing Wall Street, which may or may not be a shout out to the “Greed is Good” candidate. HBO Canada’s two channels are showing Game Change, where Julianne Moore goofs on Sarah Palin, and Recount, which recounts Bush’s Florida election fix, so you can pretty easily figure out who HBO is pulling for.
South of the border, local stations are going to miss the billions poured into media outlets as each side tried to out smear the other. Radio and TV stations have been raking it in for months.
All the U.S. broadcast networks and news networks are carrying the election returns, as are CBC News Network and CTV News Channel.

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