OMG!!! I posted a recap on the final ever episode of Gossip Girl for Is there no limit to what I will watch on TV for money? No, not around Christmas bill-paying time there isn’t.
I was pretty sure Gossip Girl had been cancelled four or five years earlier when the Star editor called and asked if I would do the deed. Have to confess I had never seen the series before. At the centre of Monday’s finale was this Ritchie Rich-like character, Chuck, who walks around affecting a hoarse whisper, sort of like Christian Bale in those Batman movies. Kept wanted to ask the guy to speak up. Spotted Mayor Bloomberg in the hour-long finale, too, so I guess face time is face time.
The series finale was preceded by an hour-long retrospective looking back on the phenomenon that was Gossip Girl. Really? This seemed a bit much for a show that fell off the radar prior to the recession. Only around 700,000 viewers watch this series each week this season in the U.S., which has to be some sort of record low for a U.S. series. It’s not even that great a number in Canada! Yet this series lasted 121 episodes, twice as long as Arrested Development. Why God, why?
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