Monty Hall back for Let’s Make a Deal’s 50th

Wayne Brady, Monty Hall and Carol Merrill. Monty Brinton/CBS On Friday, Monty Hall returns to Let’s Make a Deal to celebrate the game  show’s 50th anniversary. I had an opportunity to speak with him Wednesday and it was a great deal for me. I love speaking with TV pioneers, they always have the best stories… Read on

This week’s podcast: Oscars and Oprahs

This week on our CHML podcast, Scott Thompson wanted to get my take on the news that Oprah Winfrey is coming to Hamilton. Winfrey is due in April 13 at Copps Coliseum. Not sure if she’s bringing that guy with the giant teeth again. It’s all about bringing hope and faith to the multitude as… Read on

The only Big Brother Canada video to watch

The producers sent three crazy long video chunks from the seven-and-a-half hour Big Brother Canada press stunt. I’ve tried to boil them down under 15 minutes. Basically it’s me being rude, boorish and obnoxious–a real stretch. The scenes of my showmance with Global Morning Show co-host Kris Reyes have been held back due to the… Read on

TONIGHT: Big Brother Canada gets Sliced

The slop actually wasn’t so bad. All photos: Mark O’Neill Tonight marks the debut of Big Brother Canada, an idea whose time has come–and gone.I mentioned to a few American publicists last week in Florida that a Canadian version  of Big Brother was launching this month and they just looked at me and sarcastically asked,… Read on

TONIGHT: Chi McBride backs up Golden Boy

Last June in Toronto I presented McBride with thefirst “Screenie” Award–before it was invented Way back last June, CTV flew Chi McBride up to Toronto to take part in their press preview for the 2012-13 season. I had ten minutes with him, and it was the best ten minutes of that day. In 20 years,… Read on

Seth MacFarlane: I want my four hours back

Thanks probably to this shout out, EW’s real headlines are kinder than mosttoday; Oscar should have sucked up to Nikki Finke in Deadline Hollywood As someone said on Twitter this morning, hosting the Oscars must be the only job in the world where people in pyjamas eating all dressed chips can sit there and say… Read on

Seth MacFarlane: Oscar wild card

Is Seth MacFarlane doing it for ya?While he’ll be funnier than James Franco, I have to say the choice of MacFarlane is putting almost a full stop on my interest in Sunday’s 85th Annual Academy Awards.I can see where the Academy is going with this. Invite the inmates to take over the asylum. It worked… Read on