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Louis Ferreira and Lauren Holly take shelter
from the rain on the Vancouver set of Motive

Lauren Holly says the part of sexy medical examiner Dr. Betty Rogers wasn’t even created yet when she was first approached about joining the new cop show “howdunit,” Motive (Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on CTV).
If that’s true the producers really went out of their way to make her a part of the series. Not only did they create for her a juicy role on the series, they agreed to fly her in for it every week from Toronto. Holly jets to the Vancouver set once a week for two or three days and then jets home. Pretty cushy sked for an hour drama.
Those were Holly’s terms. Since marrying a Canadian and moving to Toronto in 2008, the American born actress was looking for a way to work close to the couple’s three school-age children. During the production of Motive, she even flew each of her boys in from time to time for some extra mommy time on the coast.
Holly was laid back and friendly during a press visit to the set last November. I didn’t bring up her short marriage to comedian Jim Carrey but others did and the word back was she was happy to yak about her famous ex-.
I guess I was shy about the subject after getting a very different response many years ago from another one of Carrey’s gal pals. Many, many years ago, during a TCA press tour in Los Angeles, I found myself sitting next to another Lauren, Hutton. She was the talent placed with a table full of critics at Merton’s on Melrose, one of the L.A. hot spots at the time. It was a CBS event, I think, with Mary Tyler Moore and others stars at other tables.

I can’t remember what Hutton was there for but she had just shot a forgettable vampire comedy with Carrey called Once Bitten, and word back was that the two became an item.
Me being a boob from Toronto, and sitting right next to Hutton, I opened with a Carrey question. Back in the ’80s, the legendary comedy team Bullock & Brioux (go ahead, Google us) actually performed several shows with Carrey at a comedy club up in Barrie, Ont., called Tickles.
I mentioned my fleeting connection to Carrey and asked how he was doing. Hutton immediately stood up and bolted out of the restaurant.
The other critics at the table, all much more seasoned scribes than I, wondered what the hell I had said to the ex-model to cause her to vamoose. Fortunately, the free meal arrived and all was quickly forgotten.
And that’s why I didn’t ask Lauren Holly about Jim Carrey. For what I did ask and learn, read the feature I filed this week for The Canadian Press.

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