Last week’s podcast: CBC, Leafs need wins –

There was a lot to discuss when CHML’s Scott Thompson called last week. We yakked a bit about the Canadian network buyers getting ready to head south to drop another $700 million or so. We got caught up on Kirstine Stewart’s surprise  announcement that she was ditching CBC to go work for Twitter. How do you make sense of that segue, Scott asks. I point out, based on all the producers, writers and showrunners I follow, that Twitter does seem to be the perfect driver for TV nerds.
There was that matter of the Harper government’s sneaky move to limit labour costs–and perhaps exert some creative control–at CBC. I do my best to assure Scott that this doesn’t mean Stephen Harper will now become a regular on Murdoch Mysteries.
We also touch on the CRTC hearings in Gatineaux, which have moved on to scrutiny of the new Bell-Astral proposal. Scott then asks what the Leafs being in the playoffs means to networks carrying the games. Saturday’s Leafs-Bruins Game Two tilt drew 3,243,000 viewers in the overnight estimates, so you know CBC will be cheering on Toronto.
This is a long interview, over 12 minutes, you can listen in here and, for part two, here.

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