Here’s Johnny–and other summer TV fare

School’s out for summer, as Alice Cooper used to say. So what’s on TV?Tons ‘o stuff. The new Showtime original Ray Donovan, starring Liev Schreiber as a slick LA fixer-to-the-stars, begins Sunday, for example. Dexter returns for a final run. In August, so does Breaking Bad. The Listener, True Blood, Saving Hope and Rookie Blue… Read on

Late night joke of the week

From Thursdays Conan: Paula Deen’s book isn’t even out yet and it’s already number one on Amazon. And at the bottom of the sales page it says, “Customers who like this book may also like Alabama in the 1950s.”

Millions watch Stanley Cup and Under the Dome

The overnight, estimated tally for Monday’s Sixth and final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs was 3,401,000 viewers. The Chicago Blackhawks last minute victory over the Boston Bruins pulled the highest playoff total since the Leafs went out in the first round. Audience levels rose as the series heated up. Saturday’s 5th game drew 2,911,000,… Read on

Bitten set visit: clap for the wolfman

Not on Bitten: the late, great Billy Van Had a tour Tuesday of the set of Bitten, launching early 2014 on Space. The genre series stars Laura Vandervoort (Ted, Smallville) as that rarest of species, a female werewolf. Also sinking their fangs into roles are Greyston Holt (Durham County) and Greg Bryk (Regenesis, XIII: The… Read on

Belleville looking for sitcom Satisfaction

Last week when I visited the set of Satisfaction, I thought Ryan Belleville had some interesting things to say about the state of TV comedy in Canada. Satisfaction premieres Monday night at 8 p.m. on CTV.The Calgary native plays a dude who shares a big city apartment with a frisky couple (played by fellow Canadians… Read on

Mad Men signs off with a sweet Hershey’s kiss

I wanted to blog about Sunday night’s sixth season finale of Mad Men–but then I read Tim Goodman’s spot-on deconstruction. Goodman says it all and says it well. Read it here at The Hollywood Reporter.I agree with Goodman that the jam-packed finale redeemed an up and down season. It was as if creator Matthew Weiner,… Read on

Going Under The Dome with Stephen King

King me: Stephen King is so unpretentious it’s frightening WILMINGTON, North Carolina–Look who I found Under the Dome: Stephen King!The prolific author, who has sold more than 350 million books, joined the cast last Thursday in speaking with about a dozen scribes flown to the set for an International press junket. King wrote the book which inspired… Read on