A banner day at TCA for Showtime

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–The big buzz on press tour Tuesday was not inside the hotel, but overhead. As critics picked through a Dexter-themed lunch outdoors at the Beverly Hilton’s Oasis Courtyard, a small aircraft circled in the sky, pulling a banner which read, “D NEVINS SHO FANS YOU CARE SAVE THE BORGIAS.COM.”
The plea was aimed at Showtime president David Nevins. After three seasons, The Borgias aired its final episode a month or so ago.
Fans want more seasons or at least a two hour TV-movie to tie up any loose ends. Nevins told critics after lunch that “we looked hard at doing a two-hour finale” but that “the economics of it just didn’t make sense.”
Created by Neil Jordan, The Borgias was never an inexpensive show. The first 10-episode season cost more than $40 million. Several countries, including Canada, were involved in bankrolling the international co-production.
The series was shot in Hungary, with Canadians Colm Feore and Francois Arnaud joining Oscar-winner Jeremy Irons among the headliners.
There does not seem to be any interest at the network to continue the series. Nevins thought the abrupt ending was just fine. Showtime has moved on to Ray Donovan and has Masters of Sex premiering Sept. 29 (also on The Movie Network/Movie Central). Homeland is a critic’s favourite. Californication, Dexter and Nurse Jackie, said Nevins, are all coming off big seasons. Upcoming Showtime projects include the horror series Penny Dreadful, starring Josh Hartnett and Eva Green.
Nevins dismissed the one protester standing at the entrance of the TCA hotel as a paid nuisance. “I feel bad about the money being spent,” he said.

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  1. Please be advised that the spinning sign Pope who was at the TCA on July 29-39th was a paid Media event supported by The Save The Borgias Fan Campaign members representing thousands of fans of The Borgias and not a “lone protester”, as Mr. Nevins stated! Also, for clarification, here is a direct quote from Zach, the sign spinner, “I’m actually the guy that was dressed as the pope. I never said that I was protesting anything, although I will admit that I’ve never seen the show. Also, Nevins never spoke to me”.

    Nevins made some lame statement about how he felt bad that fans were spending money on this stuff and in the next breath suggested that the fans start a Kickstarter crowdfunding project to produce season 4 of the show.

    It is not the responsibility of the fans to fund the production of season 4 of The Borgias. Give us a break, Mr. Nevins! Not only are you not the least bit interested or concerned about the amount of money that fans are spending on this campaign, you are not the least bit interested or concerned about the fans at all. There is plenty of money in the industry and at Showtime to produce season 4. Please stop insulting your viewers!

    Dedicated fans of The Borgias will not be deterred by Mr. Nevins’ less than hospitable (and suspiciously inaccurate) statements. Fans would appreciate a correction by you in the article.

    Unhappy fans will continue to unite at http://www.savetheborgiasfc.com

  2. THANK YOU Mr. Brioux for your article and your professional coverage of the event !!

    I was there, at the hotel, made the trip especially to represent and cover the event for the very MANY thousands of fans from all over the world.

    I reached out to Mr. Nevins several times while our banner was flying LOUD & PROUD and after. If he -really- wanted to speak to a fan, he could have, would have. He did NOT. He ignored me.

    At least, OUR mission was accomplished. Many articles, blogs, tweets, have surfaced on the matter now.
    Yours is one of my favorites !

    Keep up the good work Mr. Brioux 🙂


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