Donal Logue (right) accepts the key to a 2001 Sebring

So Donal Logue is bombing along the Trans-Canada highway, heading East from Vancouver to Northern Ontario. This was a couple of years ago. The actor was heading to the set of CBC’s Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town.
He was making the drive in two days, this after a long day on another set in Vancouver. If you’ve ever thought about attempting this, don’t.
Logue, who has his A-Z license and beside all his acting ventures, owns a trucking company, knew he could do it–especially in a SUV. “You can pull over and sleep for 40 minutes and feel refreshed,” he said. “Trucks beats you up.”
Still, somewhere en-route he gets pulled over by a cop.
“Only super asshole I ever met in Canada,” says the Ottawa native. Logue’s lived everywhere, has homes in Oregon and Los Angeles and is currently working three different TV shows in three different countries: Vikings (shot in Ireland), Sons of Anarchy (California) and the gritty historical drama Copper (Toronto).
The officer points out that Logue has a radar detector.
“No shit,” says Logue. “It’s right there on the dash.”
He’s pulled out of the car, told to drop his keys, place his hands on the hood, etc.
License and registration. The cop looks things over and says, “Fancy car for a fellow like yourself.”
Logue is not happy. Sure, with his long, reddish hair, grizzled beard, jeans and leathers, he’s dressed like he’s between scenes on Sons of Anarchy.
Still, he’s ticked that this police officer is making judgments and assumptions.
OK, his black, tinted SUV does look like the kind of car one might imagine is often used to transport illegal substances across the border–although Logue was a hell of a long way from any border.

Logue plays an ex-Civil War General on Copper

“This might be a f–king humble car for a fellow like myself,” he says, getting a tad worked up at the memory of it all.
Logue says he’s met folks who do illegal transport for a living (research for Sons no doubt). The real organized crime guys would never hire him, he says. Long hair, biker duds, no thank you. And if you have Tattoos? Forget it.
Hmm, I thought.
“You think there’d be an opening for a guy like me?”
“DUDE!” he says. “You’d be perfect!”
I knew this dull accountant look I’ve been cultivating for years would pay off some day.
Besides, adds Logue, “the newspaper business–there’s no money in it.” I’m starting to feel like Logue did when the cop noticed the radar. Still, this guy went to Harvard.  He knows.
He leans in for a little helpful advice: “There’s money is weed!”
Besides being a damn fine actor, Donal Logue is hilarious. See him add a little zing to the second season of Copper, premiering Sunday at 9 p.m. on Showcase. Read much more about Logue and how the heck this guy shoots three terrific TV dramas in three different countries here in this feature I wrote for The Canadian Press.

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