It’s been a few weeks since I’ve spoken with CHML’s Scott Thompson. This week, we got caught up on the recent TCA summer 2013 press tour in Los Angeles and what was for me the highlight–my dinner with Jimmy Kimmel.
Have to thank Neal Justin from the Minneapolis Star Tribune for pulling this caper together. Neal has made a point of attending Kimmel tapings over the years and contacted the late night ABC host to see if he had time to dine. Kimmel–just back from his honeymoon–very generously made it happen. New York Times columnist Bill Carter, who interviewed Kimmel extensively for his book The War for Late Night, was in on the foursome.
It was a great night, all off the record, but I can say that we went out to a terrific Italian restaurant and basically ate a cow and a pig.
Before dinner, we were treated to a Kimmel taping. If you’re planning a trip to Hollywood, this should be on your must do list. Kimmel’s studio is right on Hollywood Blvd, across from the Chinese Theater.
We got to experience the show from the Green Room, which is how the cool kids make this scene. Jimmy has the place stocked with booze and munchies, and the bartender is kept busy. Fans may recall that when Kimmel’s show launched over ten years ago the plan was to serve drinks to everyone in the house, but Disney/ABC put the brakes on that after just one sloppy night.
It was fun meeting Cleto and 10 or 12 of Jimmy’s cousins. Larry David was one of the guests that night, as were the Backstreet Boys. We got to go out back to the experience the outdoor Jimmy Kimmel Live Concert Series. There’s a lot happening in what is basically a theatre and a parking lot and Kimmel runs a tight ship. We watched his crew swing his desk and couch into place after his monologue with seconds to spare. The whole thing plays like an athletic event, the late night thousand meter dash.
Scott and I discuss one or two other things on this extended radio chat. You can listen to Part One here and Part Two here.

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