SET VISIT: Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show

Horse play: Ferguson (left) with Secretariat. LOS ANGELES—“It’s not a late night talk show, it’s a dance party!” That’s how the warm up guy describes The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Go to a taping and you’ll see why. I’ve been to two previous tapings of Ferguson’s show, which celebrates its ninth season in… Read on

Good Wife cast gives back to celebrate 100th

View of Lower Manhattan from Pier Five in Brooklyn NEW YORK, N.Y.—Exactly one year after it wreaked such devastation, Tropical Storm Sandy once again washed over greater New York Tuesday. The local newscasts were all about the one year anniversary of the “Super Storm.” There were reports on marinas and other attractions finally re-opening and… Read on

Funny Chris Noth works the CBS press room

Mr. Big meets Mr. Big in Brampton NEW YORK–Chris Noth is a very funny man.The actor, who plays rascal governor Peter Florrick on The Good Wife, told reporters attending the CBS International Press Junket this week in New York that he’s “glad to be bad.”Actually, Noth was half kidding, which he did throughout the lively… Read on

Donnie Wahlberg havin’ a blast on Blue Bloods

New Kid meets Old Kid NEW YORK–Donnie Wahlberg certainly woke up the room at the CBS International Press Junket Sunday.Wahlberg plays Det. Danny Reagan on the CBS series and spoke about those family dinner scenes with Tom Selleck and the rest of the cast. He wishes he’d followed Selleck’s cue when they shot that scene… Read on

Dracula latest bloody “Scare TV” series

What kind of entertainment does Dracula like? Something in a jugular vein!Oy! There’s that joke again. Anyway, Dracula premieres Friday night at 10 p.m. on NBC and Global.The drama stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the infamous vampire count. The series is set in London in 1896, with this centuries-old Dracula posing as an American inventor.… Read on

Ice Pilots take off for fifth season

 Ask any domestic producer–five seasons in Canadian television is like 30 on a U.S. channel. Or, as Mikey McBryan says, “It’s Coronation Street long.”Mikey and his dad “Buffalo” Joe McBryan were in Toronto this week to promote the fifth season premiere of Ice Pilots NWT, which airs Wednesday night at 10 p.m. on History. Based in… Read on

Steven Page’s latest addiction: great food

Page stuffing illegal substances down his pie hole Steven Page’s new Travel & Escape show is called The Illegal Eater (premiering Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET). He might eventually qualify for another show: The Illegal Driver. Page was bombing along the QEW a week or so ago when he blew out a tire.  The… Read on

Vikings in Ireland? Thank Morgan O’Sullivan

Part of the richly detailed viking village on the Ardmore lot DUBLIN, Ireland–Viking ships in the middle of an Irish farm field?You’ll find them at Ardmore Studios, home of Vikings. Ten new episodes are in production, with the second season set to premiere in the new year on History.Executive producer Morgan O’Sullivan led myself and… Read on