Donnie Wahlberg havin’ a blast on Blue Bloods –
New Kid meets Old Kid

NEW YORK–Donnie Wahlberg certainly woke up the room at the CBS International Press Junket Sunday.
Wahlberg plays Det. Danny Reagan on the CBS series and spoke about those family dinner scenes with Tom Selleck and the rest of the cast. He wishes he’d followed Selleck’s cue when they shot that scene in the pilot (which was shot in Toronto). Instead of wolfing down the chow like Wahlberg did, crafty vet Selleck simply butters his roll take after take.
“I’m learning,” says Wahlberg.
The rest of the cast hope Wahlberg catches on quick. “Salt gives me gas,” he volunteered.
Wahlberg loves playing a cop on the series and gets plenty of shout outs from New York’s finest. “He’s written angry a lot,” he says and looks for the lighter moments. He admits his mischievous brothers were more acquainted with Boston cops back in the day, which wasn’t a good thing.
Wahlberg talked about the reunion tour of the New Kids on the Block and candidly admitted his agents didn’t want him to do it. “I’d built a respectable acting career and they saw it as a step back,” he says. Too bad for them–Wahlberg says he “did it from the heart” and that he feels like, ‘one of the luckiest guys in the world right now.”
While touring with the new new kids, One Direction, he says the fans still scream loudest for NKOTB. “We still got it man,” he says.
Wahlberg also announced that he and his brothers Mark and Paul will be part of an A&E series starting in January that will feature their family restaurant near Boston, Wahlburgers. (There’s talk of a second restaurant opening in Toronto).
He also took aim at the Emmys, suggesting judging a 22-episode network series like Blue Bloods up against 10 or 12-episode shows like Mad Men or Breaking Bad is unfair and that there should be separate Emmy categories.
“It’s time Tom [Selleck] got his well-deserved Emmy,” says Wahlberg.
The actor will be directing an episode of Blue Bloods in two weeks and is pretty pumped. Watch him direct Selleck to pour on the salt and chew.

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