LL Cool J (left) and Chris O’Donnell mistake this Torontonian for Rob Ford

BEVERLY HILLS, CA–“This an amazingly international group!”
Ted Danson said it during his press conference Friday. The CSI star is one of dozens of actors and actresses meeting with reporters from all over the world at the Beverly Hilton this weekend.
CBS’ International Press Junket has provided reporters from Japan, Russian, Turkey, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Brazil and many other countries–including Canada–access to all of the broadcast networks’ biggest stars.
The talent seems generally disarmed by the accents and the quirky, sometimes bizarrely personal questions than they hear from the various foreign reporters.
Saturday, for example, Kristin Kreuk’s face went red when a reporter from Turkey brought up the fact that many of her TV boyfriends were dudes with some sort of super power.
“Does it affect your expectations with men in real life?” she was asked.
Kreuk laughed and tried to shrug it off.
The NCIS: Los Angeles duo of LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell kept things playful through their fun session.
O’Donnell told reporters one of his five daughters went out as Robin for Halloween. “She didn’t even wear my costume,” said the Batman Forever co-star.
O’Donnell did two movies as Robin–one good one (Batnan Forever) and, by his own admission, one really bad one (Batman & Robin). He second he saws was rushed into production and promoting it was pretty embarrassing. He really does have his old Robin costume somewhere in his basement.
The actor feels fans should cut Ben Affleck some slack as he prepared to don the cape and cowl as the next movie Batman. “I feel he’s a great choice. He’s a Made Man in the business, he can do what ever he wants.”
LL was holding out for his own super hero movie: “Blackman and Robin.” Big laffs all around.
Cool J had fun with the various accents in the room. “You said that so cool I want to put it on a record,” he joked to one European.
Somebody asked if, after all the crime fighting they do on their TV show, they ever saw themselves solving crimes in their dreams. Something that esoteric does not normally come up with the usual mix of American and Canadian reporters on TCA press tours.
O’Donnell kindly took the question seriously, and admitted he’s been at a few airports and wondered what he’d do if something broke out.
Cool J remarked that he was not normally a morning person. O’Donnell says he doesn’t even talk to the man those first two or three hours on the set.
What you do hear emanating from LL’s trailer is a lot of James Brown, especially the funky hit Hot Pants.
A reporter remarked there aren’t exactly a lot of words to that song. (It’s basically Brown grunting “hot pants” over and over.) To which Cool J observed, “James is not Bob Dylan.”

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