Rob Ford, Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy were all obvious targets as the Air Farce aimed their F-Bombs in another New Years Eve special taping, held Thursday and Friday in Toronto. I’ve been to at least a dozen Farce tapings, most with my son, Dan, and it is now as much a part of Christmas at Mr. TV Feeds My Family’s house as trimming the tree, egg nog and shoplifting.

Goy (middle, as Atwood|) with the Ground Crew

Canada’s most famous comedy troupe just passed its 40th anniversary, spanning 612 radio shows and 350+ TV episodes. Founding members Don Ferguson and Luba Goy are still farcing along, with Craig Lauzon, Alan Park, Penelope Corrin and Arnold Pinnock now a seasoned second generation.
Nine sketches were performed at the Friday taping, with several “Farce Films” added to the mix on monitors. Lauzon put on the fat suit to play Ford in a “Blurred Lines” video romp sure to be a viral hit.
Goy once again did her crowd pleasing Margaret Atwood impression, and a few famous guest stars made the scene.
Fans who see Air Farce live get the bonus treat of hearing Ground Crew troubadours Dave Matheson and Maury Lafoy perform several original numbers plus hits from the Arrogant Worms and others. The interaction of the Crew, the performers and even studio director Pat Mcdonald is a show in itself.
These specials are automatic 1.5 million draws every year–so why doesn’t CBC add a few more flights to the Farce schedule? A topical, year-end countdown is a natural, but CBC could use a summer original, perhaps timed around the Canada Day weekend. A comedy troupe needs to be busier than re-assembling for a once-a-year outing to keep its edge. The talent, crew, writers and producers are all in place–why not send them out on more missions?
For now, fans can enjoy the latest Air Farce New Year’s Eve special Tuesday, Dec. 31 at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Spoiler alert! It looks like a certain New York Yankee gets F Bombed

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