Katie and her stamps. Marie-France Coallier/The Gazette

I was going to get around to giving my designer daughter Katie Brioux a shameless plug here at TVFMF but Steve Faguy at The Montreal Gazette beat me to it. Check out Faguy’s full page story in Saturday’s Gazette on the Montreal neighbourhoods stamp set Katie created and is marketing here at her own site. (You can also read Steve, as I have for six or seven years, here at his own up-to-the-minute media blog.)
The unique, retro collectibles grew out of an passport project Katie created this past September for students entering orientation week at Concordia University. These are real McCoy, Old School rubber stamps, locally produced, with wooden handles and designs evoking the glory days of Expo ’67.
So go to the site, order one or two or all five different stamps today and help stamp out one Concordia grad’s debt! As my buddy Bill Harris already tweeted, this all could lead to a future Brioux web site: “Katie Feeds My Family.”

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