Looking back at 2013 on ‘CH’s Morning Live

I always enjoy being on with Bob Cowan on CHCH’s Morning Live and Tuesday morning was no exception. While I’m barely awake by noon, Cowan seems as energized as the bunny in those battery ads as we take a look at some of the hits and misses launched last September.
Fall 2013 was not what the networks had hoped with several shows, such as Lucky 7 and the remake of Ironside, toast within weeks. Even the so-called hits do not seem to be the kind that have legs, with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D getting lamer by the week. January, however, is packed with promising television, including the launch of HBO’s gritty True Detective Jan. 12. You’ve never seen Matthew McConaughey like this and Woody Harrelson is just as good in a dark, eight-episode limited series that is Breaking Bad good. More on these shows and others in this link to the clip
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