Late night joke(s) of the week –

From Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live:

As you probably know, Justin Bieber recently retired from music to focus on building up his criminal record.
Last week, he was arrested in Miami for drag racing a rented Lamborghini while under the influence. 
The results of the toxicology report from that arrest were released today – they showed that Justin was on both marijuana and Xanax. That’s an interesting combination of drugs. It’s like he’s part teenager, part Real Housewife.

Earlier today, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford weighed in – heavily – on the Justin Bieber situation. Mayor Ford defended him. He told a radio show, “He’s a young guy. He’s 19 years old. Think about when you were 19.” That’s nice. How great would it be to put those two in rehab together? Rob Ford, Justin Bieber, Dr. Drew and a camera crew. Come on VH1, let’s make that happen.

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