This week’s podcast: more Beatles blather

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson made the mistake of asking me about the 50th anniversary of The Beatles on Ed Sullivan.So then I talk for 10 minutes, straight. I finally calm down and also yak about the Olympic coverage. You can listen to the entire podcast here.I was in New York for the anniversary and… Read on

Sid Caesar: 1922 – 2014

In the history of television, Sid Caesar goes so far back he might as well be Julius Caesar.He was guesting on Milton Berle’s Texaco Star Theater in 1948 and headlining the Admiral Broadway Revue with Imogene Coca in 1949. In other words, he dates back to when sponsors owned shows. That was not such a… Read on

Sochi Olympics not an eleventy billion draw

CBC Olympic team members David Amber, Diane Swain, Ron MacLean, Andrew Chang, Andi Petrillo and Scott Russell  After a few days, Canada is kicking ass in Sochi–but are we watching the Games on television?Well, yes, but the CBC broadcast numbers, as expected, are well down from the giddy levels the CTV-Rogers consortium enjoyed four years ago… Read on

Beatles ’64: Back in the USA

NEW YORK, N.Y.–It is pretty fab to be in New York on the exact 50th anniversary of The Beatles Ed Sullivan debut.The “really big shew” was seen by an estimated 73.7 million that night on CBS and millions more on CBC (although how many more nobody at the public broadcaster seems to know).CBS is marking… Read on

Beatles ’64: we saw them standing there

NEW YORK, N.Y.–“I was a teenager who loved rock ‘n roll, especially Elvis,” says Art Hindle. The veteran Canadian actor, who starred on such shows as E.N.G. and Dallas, was one of millions who tuned in to The Ed Sullivan Show exactly 50 years ago.  “My girlfriend insisted I sit there and watch the Sullivan show… Read on

Blast of Beatles past at CBS Studio 50

This retro marquee will be up all weekend celebrating The Beatles 50th in NYC It was 50 years ago today that the Beatles invaded America. When Pan Am Flight 101 arrived on Feb. 7, 1964 at the newly-christened John F. Kennedy International airport, three thousand cheering fans–mainly young women–were waiting to greet them.So were reporters.… Read on

Leno’s Tonight exit a genuine winner

Leno’s all-star exit (l-r): Cheryl Crow, Carol Burnett, Oprah Winfrey, Jay,Kim Kardashian, Jack Black, Chris Paul, Billy Crystal, Jim Parsons There was a comedian a few years ago who did a bit where he would offer anyone in the crowd ten thousand bucks if they caught Jay Leno in a genuine moment.Well, buddy would have… Read on

Jay Leno leaves Tonight with no respect

It was thirty years ago, my first time in Hollywood. I was at the offices of TV Guide Los Angeles, at the time located on a top floor of a tower on Sunset Boulevard. I step into the elevator, and there’s Jay Leno. This was well before he became host of The Tonight Show. Despite… Read on