Shawn Ashmore speaks to his Following

It’s always nice to see a local boy do good.
One such lad is Shawn Ashmore, who plays FBI agent Mike Weston on The Following. The Fox drama returned for a second 15-episode season recently and airs Monday nights at at 9 on both Fox and CTV.
Ashmore and his twin brother Aaron (Smallville) were born in B.C. but both grew up in Brampton, Ont.
When I interviewed him at the recent Warner Bros. International press junket in Brooklyn, N.Y.–where The Following is shot–I mentioned we had Brampton in common.
Told Shawn I was surprised he didn’t attend Mayfield High, just north of Brampton, known for its drama program. Ashmore said he didn’t even dabble in theatre at the school he attended, Turner Fenton.
“I really didn’t do too much theatre in school because I was working outside, so when I was in school, I was just trying to hang out with my friends and all that,” says the 34-year-old.
Ashmore says his character gets put through the “meatgrinder” this season on The Following, especially in a few weeks.
“I can’t spoil it,” he says, “but as much has happened to Mike in season one, more happens in season two. Things that basically drive Mike to the brink. You can’t imagine worse things happening to somebody.”
Yikes! Too bad Mike didn’t have the superpowers Ashmore’s character, Iceman, possesses in those cool X-Men films. Ashmore’s back in the star-packed 3-D feature X-Men: Days of Future Passed, opening this May.
“It’s gonna be amazing,” he says of the feature. “I have no doubt. I haven’t seen the film, but I’ve seen little bits and pieces. I’m excited for it.”Read my entire Canadian Press feature on Shawn Ashmore and The Following here.

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