Soaring with the Gleneagles

AUCHTERARDER, PERTHSHIRE, SCOTLAND–As some readers here may know, my mother was born in Scotland. This makes me half Scotch, half water.
I have the good fortune to be getting in touch with my roots this week at the amazing Gleneagles Hotel, basically a castle on a golf course. The storied PGA course, set in a sweeping green valley, is host to this year’s Rider Cup.
I’m here to visit the set of an upcoming historical, sci-fi adventure series. I’m not really supposed to say what it is yet, the folks have asked me to sign some sort of confidentiality agreement. Since this is a five-star place, and breakfast was just grand, I think I better honor that.
No matter how the Starz align, I cannot give out the name of my hosts. No, Sony Jim, my lips are sealed. I cannot Showcase this series until I get the green light.
Just know that I’m no awa te bide awa, I’ll no come back te see yas.
What was interesting on the drive in from the Glasgow airport, however, was the total lack of any curiosity about Sunday’s Super Bowl game here in Scotland. Our man Alastair behind the wheel said he’d heard it was a blowout. One of the Fox Euro stations did carry the game live in the wee hours Sunday night/Monday morning, but Alastair didn’t think it was much of a draw. “Maybe 15 years ago,” he said. The NFL was more of a curiosity then, he says, but there’s all that stopping and starting, and then nothing happens for five minutes.
Then again Alastair was driving on the wrong side of the road. The whole way in! I think he maybe prefers commie kick ball. I can say no more.

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