Why Craig Ferguson is bowing out of late night

If you’re wondering why Craig Ferguson has announced he is stepping out of late night, all you need do is check out the vid clip above. It speaks volumes. Emma Stone guested on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon Monday, where she wowed The Roots and everyone else with her ridiculous display of lip syncing.… Read on

April 30: 75 years of broadcast television

Do you or someone in your family have one of these cards? If so, I’ll trade you straight up for my HBO Game of Thrones screeners Dear Mister TV Feeds My Family: How old is television? Thanks Jimmy from Long Island. Some experts say broadcast television dates back to April 30, 1939–75 years ago this… Read on

More talk, less action, the key for CBC

Newstalk 1010’s Mike Bullard Sometimes in this TV beat racket it’s best just to lob a few hand grenades and step back and watch stuff happen. Such was the plan last week when I wrote a column for The Canadian Press calling for CBC to get back into the late night television talk show game.… Read on

Spelling check: not so True Tori?

Tori Spelling is back in the news and I got dragged in with her. John Doyle writes in Monday’s Globe and Mail about Spelling’s latest series on Lifetime, True Tori (Tuesdays at 10 p.m.). The series sounds so reach-y I have not given it a sniff, but its apparently about how Spelling and her Canadian… Read on

DVD release: Haid on Hill Street’s “family”

Getting busted in ’86 by Hill Street cops Warren and Haid. Photo: Gene Trindl When people talk of this new “Golden Age” of television, shows such as The Wire and The Sopranos are often cited as the starting point. Kiefer Sutherland–back as Jack Bauer in Fox’s revival of another respected show, 24–says the spark goes farther… Read on

Worst. Commercial. Ever: Next Issue

“Honey, can I borrow your face for a step ladder for a moment?” By now you’ve seen this ad for Next Issue, Rogers’ on-line magazine service: A young couple walk through a busy airport (Terminal 1 at Toronto’s Pearson). The woman can’t be without her giant stack of current magazines so her whipped boyfriend tows… Read on

Get this week’s Idol and Dance recaps here

Top 5 (l-r): Jena (“It’s GEEENA!!”) Irene, Alex Preston, Caleb Johnson, Sam Woolf and Jessica Meuse. Photo: Michael Becker/FOX And then there were five. Learn all about “Grumpy Cat,” plus which of the Top 6 American Idol finalists got the boot Thursday night on the fading Fox star search series. I recap this week’s performance show… Read on

Rogers pitches to critics at annual media mixer

Sun scribe Bill Harris (left) with TV Guide Canada editor Amber Dowling and hubby Brandon Hlynsky. The two in uniform met on a baseball diamond The Blue Jays lost by a converted touchdown, but that didn’t stop the media party in the owner’s suite at the Rogers Centre Thursday night. The folks at Rogers Media/City… Read on