This week’s podcast: CBC’s Black Thursday

Tense times at CBC headquarters with job cuts coming Thursday

The CBC is like Rob Ford these days–it can’t get arrested for trying.
In this, their final year of Hockey Night in Canada–after 61 seasons–they go out with ONE Canadian team in the NHL playoffs (The Canadiens). No Leafs, Canucks, Senators, Flames, Jets or Oilers puts a big dent in local ratings across the country.
The Leafs late season collapse is the unkindest cut, robbing CBC of three or four million plus audiences and some much needed advertising revenue and momentum as they head into the first round of the playoffs.
Thursday, in town hall meetings across the network, the CBC brass–led by president Hubert Lacroix–are set to announce massive job cuts. As many as 600 people will be pink slipped according to predictions. Sports, sales and factual programming are expected to be especially hard hit. It will be a tough day and there’s no sense stirring the ashes until the ashes are spread.

Except CHML’s Scott Thompson asks me to weigh in, which I do here.
We also talk about the death of film legend Mickey Rooney, Letterman’s  possible replacements, the upcoming, Vancouver-based series When Calls the Heart and airport security. You can listen to the whole thing here.

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