This week’s podcast: Mansbridge Petering out?

A quote in the Toronto Star this week grabbed Scott Thompson attention at CHML: “If the toxicity at CBC could be measured, the place would be declared a toxic zone.” Scott wanted to know if Peter Mansbridge’s days are numbered as chief anchor at the public network. An article by Vinay Menon seemed to paint… Read on

CBC still “Lives” at 2014-15 preview

They’re still using the slogan “Canada Lives Here” at CBC. It was on-screen during the presentation reel at CBC’s 2014-15 preview Thursday in Toronto. It seems to need an addendum now:  “Canada Lives Here–They Just No Longer Work Here.” Or, “Canada Lives Here–But the Kids Never Visit.”  Or, “Canada Lives Here–Five Percent of the Time” or…this… Read on

“Republic of Doyle” at an end

CBC and star/executive producer Allan Hawco will jointly announce Thursday in Toronto that Republic of Doyle will shut down production at the end of the coming season. Hawco and cast members Kristin Pellerin, Lynda Boyd, Sean McGinley, Mark O’Brien and Martha Bernard are all in Toronto Thursday along with other network stars attending CBC’s 2014-15 Season Preview… Read on

DVD release: The Bob Newhart Show

My neighbour Doug asked me the other day if the whole world had turned to crap or was it just television. This is one of those transition weeks where, if you’re not into the Stanley Cup playoffs, or the last few new episodes of Louie or Fargo, for discerning viewers, there’s not a lot on.… Read on

The Listener earns a 5th season upgrade

Quite often, TV shows shot in Canadian cities are produced out of “stealth studios.” Lost Girl is shot in Toronto’s West End  in what used to be a pencil factory. A few blocks away, The Strain and Beauty and the Beast share what was once a glass making plant. Up in Downsview, Suits and Covert… Read on

Knowlton Nash: 1927 – 2014

Peter Mansbridge has been CBC’s chief news anchor for so long it is almost hard to remember who came before him. Knowlton Nash was his name, and he died on the weekend at the age of 86. I was fairly new to the TV reporting racket and working at TV Guide when Nash stepped down… Read on

A Sterling exit for Mad Men’s Robert Morse

Call me a sentimental old fluff, but I loved Robert Morse’s song and dance at the end of the mid-season finale of AMC’s Mad Men. Don Draper (Jon Hamm) has just turned around and he sees a ghost: Bert Cooper (Morse) breaking into a soft shoe (more of a soft sock as–in a nice touch–his… Read on

MZTV Museum of Television the Cat’s meow

Some people swoon over their first car. They never forget where they drove it, how much it cost, the smell of the interior. Moses Znaimer has that same deep connection to television. Not just the medium, or the ZoomerMedia empire he now runs, but the actual box itself. Znaimer loves TV sets. He has purchased… Read on