Laughed out loud this week at the latest TV commercial featuring Amy Poehler for Old Navy. You’ve seen the spa spot? A group of young women walk into a spa for a pedicure. Poehler just wants to know where one of them got her pants–“and can I try them on while you’re getting your toes done?”
When she hears they’re on sale for 19 bucks at Old Navy, Poehler–who apparently helped write the spots–says she’s letting “that price come up through my body.”
When she hears the shorts are on for $10 she yells “Closed Ladies!,” grabs the fire extinguisher, douses all the lit candles in the place and makes for the door.
It’s great slapstick fun and Poehler really sells it. She’s very effective in a whole series of these. She plays a lawyer who defends cats in another Old Navy spot and–believe it or not–you can watch outtakes from that commercial here. Proof advertising is taking on a whole new life on-line.
Also killing it for the Navy is Debra Wilson (Mad TV) who plays an overzealous airport security officer. Hilarious when Wilson makes the “waw-waw” wand noise with her mouth.
Old Navy got Melissa McCarthy to do another in this series, so way to make smart use of the funniest women on television. Hat’s off the Old Navy’s new ad agency Chandelier Creative in New York for breaking the retailer out of that stiff mannequin rut.

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