imageThat hour you’ll never get back? It starts weeknights at 10 p.m. On City. The Rogers-owned network has followed the Fox lead and trimmed 10 – 11 p.m. off its prime time schedule for the 2014-15 season.

City has struggled to break through the lock CTV and Global have on 10 p.m. across Canada. This fall, rather than throw more money at the Hollywood machine, they simply surrender the hour, filling the timeslot Monday through Friday with reruns of 2 Broke Girls and Two and a Half Men.

CTV and Global will take this free space in Bingo. Less happy will be the network suppliers from Disney, Warner’s, Fox and others who saw their wares passed over at the Hollywood screenings.

Instead, City will introduce just three imports to their shortened schedule this fall: Scorpion, a drama about an eccentric genius (Elyes Gabel) who runs a homeland security think tank. Black-ish is their one new comedy pick-up. It stars Anthony Anderson as the head of a Black family with an Archie Bunker-like dad (Laurence Fishburne). Utopia slides into Fridays and is a reality show where 15 budding geniuses get one year to build a new society from scratch. Can one of these smarty pants please run for mayor of Toronto?

City also picked up the mid-season drama Backstrom, about a cranky P.I working the mean streets of Portland.  It’s from Bones boss Hart Hanson.

Rogers’ VP Hayden Mindell is otherwise all in with hockey, with two nights of NHL action on the City schedule: Saturday (different games than you’ll find on CBC Saturday) and Sunday. Rogers sports pres Scott Moore has had an early peek at the NHL schedule and says The Leafs will be making more Sunday games than ever before. Rogers Media pres Keith Pelley says the cooperation he enjoys with the NHL has been fantastic so far.


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  1. The trailer for Scorpion looks good but I will pass on the others. As they dropped Nashville, the only returning show I’ll watch on City TV is Revenge.

    I am impatiently waiting to see how many Winnipeg Jets games Rogers will broadcast next season on City or Sportsnet or if HNIC will show more. Last year I got to see maybe two games as the Jets rarely appeared on HNIC and I don’t have the TSN Jets channel.

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