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Heigl wasn’t all smiles at the stormy session

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–This already seems like it happened a week ago–time flies on press tour–but here’s my Canadian Press  take on Katherine Heigl’s tense NBC press conference Sunday. The former Grey’s Anatomy star squirmed through her session for the fall drama State of Affairs after reporters started quizzing her on her rep as a set diva. It didn’t help that her mom is an executive producer on this new series, even though Heigl senior doesn’t appear to have any qualifications for the job.

The guy who really got Heigl to address her past was Eric Deggans, the Tampa-based NPR TV critic. Deggans shook off an attempt by the legit producer to speak for Heigl, demanding to hear from the star herself. It was a nice, adversarial,  old school moment and gave everybody else in the room something to write about after a lackluster few early days on the tour.

To her credit, Heigl attended NBC’s star party Sunday night and stayed late, scrumming with plenty of media. She’s tall and impressive in person, and as soon as I transcribe her party remarks–which I could not hear over the din of the packed evening event–I’ll pass along what ever the heck else she said that night.

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  1. Bottom line for me: Heigl has been good in anything I’ve watched her in. State of Affairs looks decent and I plan to check it out.

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