Shaun and Shelby and icebergOops! Been overwhelmed by television down in Los Angeles and forgot to give as heads up on Monday’s season two premiere of Majumder Manor (the W Network). If its in your PVR, check it out and tune in again next week. The celebrity reality show features This Hour Has 22 Minutes comedian Shaun Majumder and his wife Shelby and their Quixotic quest to turn Shaun’s hometown of Burlington, Nfld., into a top tourist destination.

I dunno about Burlington, but, last April, Shaun did a great job selling me on St. John’s. His pride in his province is evident as he and Shelby escorted myself and other reporters on a boat ride out of St. John’s Bay. As the craft carefully circled an iceberg, Shelby wondered if a Drive-In-like movie could be projected on the white snowy surface. Always thinking, those Majumders. Later, in a quaint St. John’s eatery known as Mallard Cottage, Majumder huddled with owner/chef Todd Perrin ( a runner-up on Top Chef Canada). Between bites (the food there is delicious), the two cooked up more spinoff TV show ideas.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes, by the way, begins its 22nd season this fall on CBC, For more on Majumder Manor, follow this link to the feature I wrote last week on the series for The Canadian Press.

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