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Primetime Emmy Awards - Season 66I had to recap this stupid show called Bachelor in Paradise Monday night for TheStar.ca, so I missed the first hour of The 66th Annual Emmy Awards.

When I went back and watched it later, I realized I’d missed the best part. The show seemed dull and predictable in its last half, but the first 50 minutes were pretty darn entertaining.

Primetime Emmy Awards - Season 66
Woody and Matthew were a big hit in the room

And that’s about all you can ask from these over-hyped statue fests.Host Seth Myers came straight out, without any big production-palooza, and delivered 20 jokes Bob Hope style. Some were pretty funny. Meyers noted that this will be the last season for Glee, Two and a Half Men, Sons of Anarchy “and almost every new show to premiere this fall.” This was more of a safe prediction than a joke, but still, pretty funny.

Of the 19 Game of Thrones nominations, Meyers said there was one for “Worst Job Security.”

As Meyers also said, the jokes were like Emmy nominations: “not all winners.” Still, I liked his old school, straight ahead approach.

Primetime Emmy Awards - Season 66
Cranton took home his fourth Emmy for playing Walter White

Jimmy Kimmel made the most of his spot as a presenter, goofing on Matthew McConaughey. “You got so fat since the Oscars.”

That so many trophies went to the usual suspects took all the drama out of the room.  It was fun, though, watching CTV downplay all the awards for Fargo, an FX Canada entry “Not available on Bell.” The big Breaking Bad haul and the umpteenth Modern Family sweep also got no amplification from the Bell megaphone.

I liked Meyers streeter bit in New York, if just for all the energy and zip that seemed to be lacking later in the night.

The three-hour show finished right on time, an impressive achievement in itself. Among the other highlights:

Primetime Emmy Awards - Season 66
Colbert won his second late night/variety Emmy in a row and was funny in a bit he cooked up beforehand with Jimmy Fallon; whoever won, the other would take the stage and do some shtick.. Colbert bombed, however, as a presenter in an invisible friend bit which must have made his new CBS employers wince
Primetime Emmy Awards - Season 66
There was some grumbling on social media about Sophia Vergara standing on a rotating pedestal while the president of the Academy made a boring speech. I could have watched her slowly spin around all night, she looks outstanding from every angle.
Primetime Emmy Awards - Season 66
Weird Al Yankovick showed up half way through in a big musical number that should have been way funnier than it was. The joke was he would sing lyrics to modern theme songs in the style of the ’60s and ’70s when they explained the whole show. Aside from Game of Thrones (where Andy Samberg helped out), the bit fell flat.
Primetime Emmy Awards - Season 66
The whole “In memoriam” segment was the highlight of the night. It was a staggering list of names–Sid Caesar, Lauren Bacall, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Shirley Temple, Ann B. Davis, Casey Kasem and James Garner to name a few. Sara Bareilles sang Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile” while the clips played. The salute was an improvement on last year, when only five late stars were singled out. It ended with Billy Crystal’s heartfelt eulogy for Robin Williams. Crystal nailed it, reminding folks what a great broadcaster he has been over the years.

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