This week’s podcast: Netflix tells CRTC to take off

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson reached me in Winnipeg. I was in Manitoba on location with the cast and crew of the upcoming City comedy Sunnyside (see previous post). Cramming things in on a Friday, I had set things up for the station to reach me on cell. Being an aviation nut (wing nut?) I was trying… Read on

The Sunnyside of the Canadian comedy scene

WINNIPEG, Man.–It’s been great seeing the Sunnyside on Manitoba. The weather was spectacular Friday on location with the cast and crew of Sunnyside, a promising new sketch comedy series coming to City early in the new year. My old pal Dan Redican–who had the comedy chops as far back as I can remember when we… Read on

Bold, original and moving: Transparent is the best new show not seen in Canada

Today. Friday, September 26, you can watch all 10 episodes of the best new show of the season: Transparent. Unless you live in Canada. The series has dropped all at once, Netflix style, on Amazon’s Prime Instant Video. The streaming service is so far only available in the U.S., The U.K. and Germany. Here’s the best… Read on

Blowouts throwing CBS’ Thursday Night Football for a loss

As I sit typing in a Winnipeg Hotel room (yes, glamour is my life), the TV is on. I’ve got one of two LG flatscreens in the room tuned to CBS. It is the true, CBS Minnesota affiliate WCCO. Thanks to five interceptions, the Giants are beating the crap out of the Red, uh, jerseys. CBS… Read on

Fab Harrison Week concludes on Conan

Hey all you Beatle people. I’ve been slow on the draw on this but you can still catch the last of Conan O’Brien’s salute to George Harrison. Tonight on Conan (11 p.m. TBS; 12:30 a.m., MuchMusic), Norah Jones–daughter of Harrison’s friend and mentor Ravi Shankar–closes out the tribute Thursday night. O’Brien’s Beatle bonus is in support… Read on

Shomi gets Foxi in advance of November launch

The other day, somebody asked me what I thought about shomi. First thing that popped into my head: that sexy Showcase series starring Rachael Crawford that aired a decade ago. No, that was called Show Me Yours. Maybe they were just wishing me a Happy New Year. (Shana Tova?) Then it clicked. That new Shaw/Rogers… Read on

CTV gets a Big Bang out of Monday’s numbers

That sound you just heard was CTV programming executives starting to breathe again. In Monday’s first big test of the new season, perennial powerhouse The Big Bang Theory came roaring back to 3,168,000 and 3,461,000 viewers, despite being bumped out of its regular day and time. The sitcom has owned Thursdays at 8 p.m. for five… Read on