Air Farce rings in 2015 with two new partiers

Tonight’s annual Air Farce New Year’s Eve special is all about anniversaries. It was 40 years ago this week that the Royal Canadian Air Farce performed their first New Year’s Eve gig–on CBC radio. This year’s show marks 10 years of “Farce Films.” The short, one-camera on-location bits now make up 30% of the hour-long… Read on

shomi the ad logic

I pitched the notion of an annual TV time capsule to The Canadian Press last week. The idea is to “bury” several things related to TV at the end of every year so that future generations can discover in 50 years what was what in 2014 and beyond. Came up with 20 items that went into… Read on

Nobody remembers like TCM Remembers

The annual “TCM Remembers” tributes have become as much a part of the end of each year as Auld Lang Syne. The 2014 tribute, above, is one of the longest at 5:13, and needed to be given the many prominent film and TV performers and others connected to the entertainment industry who passed away in the… Read on

Craig Ferguson and the art of the exit

“Keep banging on your drum/And your day will come.” Craig Ferguson, sporting a liberated, Mohawk-y ‘do, stood on his anchor desk and left us with a joyous, Proclaimers-like, jump-up-and-dance anthem. Would that CBS had given him a band ages ago, that was a stompin’ good way to go out. Ferguson spent 10 years in late night,… Read on

The Best TV Shows of 2014: U.S. and Canadian critics weigh in

“Polls are for dogs.” Not sure who said it first–John Diefenbaker, or maybe Harry Trueman–but that’s how I feel, especially when it comes to polls about television. I used to hate it every December when then-entertainment editor John Kryk would ask us to do our Top 10 lists at the Toronto Sun. I understood why… Read on

Colbert, Ferguson take late night leave

This week marks several milestones in late night. Thursday, Stephen Colbert says goodbye to The Nation with his final Report. After nine hilarious seasons and 1500 episodes he must be ready to shed his mock-O’Reilly skin. I can’t wait to meet the real Colbert next summer as he steps up to the CBS Late Show… Read on