Picture 1This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson is still keen to sift through the Oscar ashes.

Scott loses it about halfway through. “One thing that makes me want to scream  out loud,” he says, are all these stupid red carpet shows. He’s thrilled there’s a backlash against “manicams” and other brainless and insulting red carpet practices.

There was a 90-minute Oscar pre-show and another half hour of eTalk carpet coverage Sunday on CTV. Add Kimmel’s after show on The Comedy Network and you’re looking at 7 hours of Oscar blather. It is as bad as all the extraneous Super Bowl filler that extends that day into a football marathon.

Speaking of too much, the Canadian Screen Awards air this Sunday. Who was the genius who scheduled this deal to come at the end of two straight months of statue-fests? The only good news for the “Screenies” is that a dull Oscars has lowered the entertainment value bar. Andrea Martin hosts.

I also plug the new Fox comedy The Last Man on Earth, premiering this Sunday. It’s very dark and very funny.

Listen to the entire podcast here.


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