This week’s podcast: singing the praises of PaleyFest –

Picture 1If CHML AM900’s Scott Thompson sounds a bit thrown this week, that’s because his computer shut down right at the start of our segment. The poor man had to think on his feet!

No matter–asking me one question is like lighting a six minute fuse. I blab on about my recent trip to Hollywood where I attended a couple of PaleyFest cast presentations, including salutes to both Jane the Virgin and American Horror Story: Freak Show. Homeland, Glee, Outlander and Modern Family also got the Paley treatment.

It’s amazing to see a large crowd of a thousand or more collectively react to a TV episode on a big screen (the PaleyFest screenings were at the cavernous Dolby Theatre in Hollywood). There’s much more whooping and hollering and just general interaction than you’d find at the average movie screening.

We also talk about Dancing with the Stars, which just returned for a 20th season. Scott asks what’s the attraction. I tell him to think of it as an old fashioned variety show, only more humiliating.

We also get into the recent CRTC decisions and how Canadian content requirements have been relaxed during daytime hours. Scott wonders why there hasn’t been more of an outrage. That’s because Scott is on the radio every afternoon and doesn’t watch daytime TV.

There’s more blather about things like binge watching. You can listen in here.

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