This week’s podcast: up Shat’s creek

This week, I talk to CHML’s Scott Thompson about my interview this week with William Shatner. The original Star Trek skipper was in Toronto to guest star on an episode of Murdoch Mysteries when the CBC drama returns for a ninth season next October. Shatner will play famous American author Mark Twain. Scott asks what Shatner is… Read on

William Shatner in Toronto this week for Murdoch Mysteries

William Shatner beamed down to Toronto this week to shoot scenes for an appearance next fall on Murdoch Mysteries. Droopy Roger Sterling moustache in place, the 84-year-old TV icon will play American author Mark Twain on the CBC drama when it returns for a ninth season next October. Shatner was busy shooting scenes opposite Yannick… Read on

Brendan Fraser saddles up for Texas Rising

Brendan Fraser is a funny man. I spoke with him last week at his home near New York. The call was about “Texas Rising,” the 10-hour historical miniseries premiering Monday night on Global and History. I caught Fraser right in the middle of what he described as “a dramatic moment. The world’s biggest wasp just flew… Read on

Anne Meara: 1929 – 2015

I’ll never forget the time I got to hang out with Stiller & Meara. It was in January of 2004 at a CBS press tour party in Los Angeles. I’m guessing Jerry Stiller was there promoting The King of Queens. His wife Anne Meara–who died Saturday in Manhattan–was sneaking onto the Kevin James sitcom around then… Read on

That Mad Men finale: delayed reaction

Mad Men has often been accused of being slow, so I thought I would take my time before weighing in on the final episode. Actually I just saw it Friday night. Was up north the Sunday it aired and my neighbour has rigged his dish just to get hockey games. Had it in my PVR… Read on

Meanwhile, back on Dancing with the Stars…

Emerging from a Letterman fog? Still wondering who won Tuesday night on Dancing with the Stars? Hint: the photo at right of first-time winner Val Chmerkovskiy and celebrity daughter Rumer Willis is a bit of a giveaway. Here’s my Toronto Star recap of the 20th season finale. The ABC series returns for a 21st season… Read on

Letterman bridge work: stupid demolition tricks

What Late Show with David Letterman fan wouldn’t have paid big bucks to own a piece of the show’s set? Always coveted one of the bridges in the background? Would you have made room for a chair from the Ed Sullivan Theatre in your TV room? Too late, Topo Gigio breath. Demolition crews tore the… Read on

“For the last time on a television program, thank you, and good night.”

According to the overnights, 13.76 million Americans watched David Letterman say goodbye to The Late Show Wednesday night, his biggest CBS audience since 1994. If you watched in Toronto or Brampton on Rogers Cable, you lost the signal around the 12:37 mark. The Late Show ran 17 minutes later, a situation anyone with a Twitter… Read on