The scene outside Letterman’s stage door in mid-town Manhattan at 3:30 p.m. ET as fans crane to catch one last glimpse of Dave. Photo: Laura Mayne

Dave’s last day has been a red Letterman day for me. I’ve done 15 radio interviews Wednesday and a camera crew also made the trek out to Brampton to get my two cents on Letterman’s big fade out. Look for me tonight on CBC’s The National (just don’t blink or you’ll miss me).

Early Thursday morning I’ll be in Hamilton, Ont., to talk about Letterman’s final Late Show on CHCH’s Morning Live.

safe_imageAmong today’s radio chats was one with CJOB AM680 host Charles Adler. The widely-syndicated Winnipeg-based broadcaster graciously had me on his show despite all the cheap shots I took at his former TV employer, the Sun News Network. Not everyone in broadcasting is as forgiving, so I jumped at the invitation. You can listen to the Adler broadcast here.

Wednesdays is also the day I usually speak with AM900 CHML’s Scott Thompson in Hamilton. We speculate about what we’ll see on Wednesday night’s final show. Will Harry be there? Regis? Other late night talk show hosts? We know the Foo Fighters for sure.

site_header_logo-542c425292625I’m guessing Letterman will want to share the spotlight with his staff. Look for shout outs to announcer Allan Kalter and executive producer Rob Burnett as well as the writing team. Dave, always taking his cue from Carson, will want to save some time to go one-on-one with viewers. Letterman’s gift as a broadcaster, that intimacy he shared through the camera lens, will be missed. He is, as Adam Sandler recently sang, our best friend on TV.

There was a lot to cover so the segment is split into two parts. Listen to Part One here and Part Two here.


Finally, Keith Olbermann’s tweet is to laff:  “I’m not in the studio but I do understand Dave Letterman has just revealed he is D.B. Cooper.”

And this Tweet from Canadian Simpsons‘ scribe Tim Long: “Many, many sincere thanks to David Letterman, the hero of my youth, for letting me write for his show.”

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